Frequently asked questions

Ordering & Registration

Q: How can I try AdBoost?
A: Just navigate to

Q: Who can register?
A: Registration is available to everyone at

Q: What information do I need to provide in order to register?
A: Just your e-mail address and password. No credit card info or your personal details are required

Q: Do I have to pay for anything after the registration?
A: No, you can try AdBOOST during your 30 day trial, free of charge. All your campaigns will be paused at the end of this period and no additional fees will be applied to you.


Q: I just want to try AdBOOST. Isn't it possible that I will accidentaly launch some kind of advertising that I will be later charged for?
A: Unless you connect AdBOOST with some of your advertising accounts (AdWords, Sklik, BingAds), all adverts will exist only within AdBOOST. Hence, you can create the structure for your campaigns, ads, keywords, banners and feed exports and only synchronise it with your remote accounts after you are sure it is in its desired state. Until that point, you can fill the forms with any kind of values and get to know AdBOOST as good as possible.

Q: Do I have to use all of the AdBOOST features?
A: No, you can use one, all or any combination of them that suits you best

Q: Is there an option to unsubscribe from the feature at any time?
A: Yes, you can stop using any feature at any time. If you pause your activity regarding that feature, no additional fees will apply to you

Q: If I decide to stop using a feature or AdBOOST itself, how can I do so?
A: You can either pause/delete the entities regarding the feature, pause/delete the whole AdBoost account or let us know at that you do not want to use a specific functionallity any longer

Q: Where can I find the feature pricing?
A: You can find the starter price of every feature in the PRICING section. If you need to promote more products, create more banners or monitor performance for more clients, ask for individual pricing at

Q: How can I pay for AdBOOST services?
A: We will ask you to fill in your billing information in the AdBoost interface at the end of your trial period. From that point, we will send you an invoice at the end of every billing period

Q: Who should I contact in order to get answers to additional questions?
A: First of all, visit Use the searchbar at the top of the page and you should find answers to most of the platform-related questions. If you haven’t found what you were looking for, ask us at

Product Campaigns

Q: I am satisfied with my AdWords/Bing campaigns. How will AdBOOST help me?
A: As opposed to a regular campaign which you are likely to have, AdBOOST advertises separately for each particular product (or in general, for each item in your xml feed). This enables you to have large long-tail campaigns for thousands or even hundreds of thousands products with an easy to optimize structure

Q: Is there a difference between product campaigns created with AdBOOST and product campaigns created manually?
A: Yes and no. At the end of the day, all campaigns are the same. However, creating manual campaigns will probably take hours of extra work. The main difference is that AdBOOST campaigns are regularly and automatically updated. Hence we can automatically assign new products to advertising and get rid of the old ones. Prices and/or discounts in the ads will also be adjusted automatically

Q: Can I advertise anything else apart from products?
A: Yes, of course. It is possible to advertise - for instance on product advice, categories, manufacturers, services or anything else you have to offer

Q: What kind of budget should I be prepared to invest?
A: A budget depends individually and should be based on on how frequently your products (or services, tickets, etc) are searched for, the price per click and other such parameters. But keep in mind, that while you are advertising mostly long-tail keywords, CPC's tend to be lower than CPC's of broad keywords

Q: Can I manage AdBOOST along with my current campaigns?
A: Of course, it is an ideal combination. By merging AdBOOST campaigns with good-quality regular campaigns you can maximize the number of targeted visitors and thus increase your sales. That applies for AdWords, Bing, Sklik and Facebook dynamic ads as well

Q: Will I be able to see AdBOOST campaigns in my AdWords/Bing/Sklik accounts?
A: Yes, you will see your campaigns in the same way as you have always seen them

Q: Can I edit campaigns in AdWords, Bing or Sklik interface?
A: You can edit bids, add new keywords and generally do any edits with one exception. You should not create new ads manually in campaigns generated with AdBOOST, because those ads will not be automatically updated by AdBOOST

The Agency Account

Q: What is the Agency Account?
A: The Agency account is equivalent to AdWords MCC account. It allows you to manage multiple AdBOOST accounts with one login email and password. Agency account also consists of detailed user management, so if you have more campaign managers, they will be able to access all AdBOOST accounts they manage. Moreover agency has one master login email with access to all accounts

Q: Can I create new client accounts in an Agency account?
A: Yes, you can create any number of client accounts under your agency account. Each new client account will have a 30 day free trial period

Q: Is there anything special I have to do to create an Agency account for my agency?
A: Nope. The first account that you will sign into via will automatically become Agency account.